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icon1We are General Contractors

We are members of the Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA) and members of the Canada Construction Association (CCA) as General Contractors and Project Managers of commercial, residential and institutional buildings. We provide the leadership for interior-exterior, new design build construction, additions, renovations and restorations. To assist you in realizing clean comfortable modern surroundings and to enhance your lifestyle with comfortable functional elegance, we deliver the spirit of success. We want you to succeed in your goals and will work with you to bring about the project that you envision into reality within your budget. We provide seasoned professionals that you can trust to answer any questions that you may have about your renovation or design build construction project. Talk to us and you will find experience rewards you with savings and that is why we do it – to save you money. We get involved and make you a member of the team if you wish and for those who simply want us to handle everything, we will do that too. We understand how to get things done because we are champions, prepared to deliver exceptional value.

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icon2Kitchen-Bath Renovations

Our purpose starts with knowing what to care about. We ensure a disciplined team approach succeeds because we have compassionate management who believe in providing you with experienced professional journeymen, a necessity to provide the expertise to complete these types of design build renovation projects. We deliver exceptional project management from inception, estimates, design rendering, blue prints, scope of work details, layout, sub-trade acquisition, engineering approval, permit acquisition, inspections approval with superb finishes, communicating throughout the renovation or design build to completion with you, always on time and all within your budget. We accomplish your design goals by supplying the management of resource professionals, who deliver the quality you expect to see, whether it be a residential or commercial office renovation, a hotel, a condominium tower, an addition or in a design build home renovation. We always provide you with a superb design build finish no mater what your budget in every room, at a price that suites your expectations. Talk with us today, you’ll be glad you did. Tomorrow waits for no-one it is said and while those who wait are often left behind – when we all need to see our mission in life.

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icon3Design Integrity

Our mission involves making an impact on the lives of our clients. Weather your projects are large or small, we are here to help you do it right the first time, from new builds, additions or complete commercial Hotel or Office Towers, residential kitchens, bathrooms, and entire home design build renovation and additions. We appreciate your business and enjoy providing you with a team who all feel a sense of accomplishment designing and providing the quality you deserve at a price point that meets your expectations. Come work with us. We have completed hundreds of successful high quality projects over many years for people just like you. Call us today and let us walk you through this process together. We have meaningful goals and objectives to shoot for. We can show you what your budget can accomplish and provide a realistic, knowledgeable project manager with new ways to get things done. We optimize processes and procedures to provide management of commercial, residential and institutional renovation projects. Am I alone when I say that I care when I’m in charge and feel empowered to do what’s right? Communicate your clear expectations to us, then rest assured of peace of mind. We listen and address each specific situation and determine how it should be handled. We do this for you, always with an eye for detail, efficiently on schedule.

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