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About Collianaire Constructors Group
We provide Project Management as General Contractors.
We are members of the (VRCA) Vancouver Regional Construction Association and (CCA) Canada Construction Association as General Contractors and Project Managers of commercial, residential and institutional buildings. As General Contractors we provide the management of your project from inception of design to build accurate project budgets, scope of work details and schedules to satisfy your design goals, all within a budget you can afford!
We provide Professional experienced experts to work with.
Our commercial teams provide the manpower to do complete renovations of office towers, hotels, condominiums, city homes, and town houses all with our own highly qualified and experienced installers. We provide union and non-union labour, experienced journeymen carpenters, flooring experts, all professionals who believe in quality applications.
Do You want essential functionality with superb quality results?
We source materials and do our very best to provide you with a superb design build finish at a price point that suites your expectations. We accomplish your goals by supplying the resources and professionals that provide the quality you expect.

We provide a comfortable clean modern surrounding to enhance your lifestyle with elegance. We accomplish essential functionality with superb quality results all within your specific budget. We appreciate your business and enjoy working with you to design and build the quality finishes into the luxury you deserve.

The design build process combines the efforts of highly skilled and professional general contractors, project managers, designers, architects, engineers, craftsmen, and trades people to orchestrate the essential harmony of a team process in which we guide the highest quality outcome toward fine detail finishes.


We ensure a disciplined team approach succeeds in completing every detail of your unique project. We select the very best trades and have decades of personal professional expertise available to manage every aspect of the design build constructors business from start to finish. We strive to accomplish the very best quality results within your specific budget.


Commercial – Residential
You have a picture in mind you have dreamt about for some time. We work with you to envision, plan a layout in detail and render a 3d model you can see and walk through. You may change the look and feel of flooring, cabinets, textures, fabrics, paint colours, fixtures and appliances. Our design team will create your vision, bring your dreams into reality, creating your plans with attention to detail and render a 3d-Design walk-through that reveals a realistic look into what it is like to be in your finished project.
Your home or office must be comfortable, built solid and designed to look luxurious to serve the functions that are unique to you. We work with you to bring your vision into reality, design and render a view in which you may walk through the rendered drawing to see what your project will look like once finished, then we will work with you to build your vision.
Once you are satisfied with the design of your project and you can see what it is going to look like finished, we move onto permits and the construction phase. Your plans are approved by city officials and we begin our demolition and construction work. We provide complete custom homes, additions, renovations, restorations and we are building envelope experts. Also remember the best way to ensure the value of your home and property is with regular maintenance.  When considering high-end design build construction, a home renovation, an interior design project or if you are simply looking to ensure your home or commercial building is well-maintained, contact us today for a free quote.
Home or Office
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We will bring your vision
into reality and help you create a space that you will love.

Quality interior – exterior renovations.

2We work smart to provide the leadership for quality tradesmen so that they each get the job done on time and within your budget with the highest quality results in mind.

2Contact us for your interior-exterior renovations. We accomplish essential functionality with superb quality results all within your specific budget.